Penglipuran Tourism Village | Short Documentary Video


Did you know that one of the villages in Bali, specifically in Bangli Regency, was once considered as the third-cleanest village in the world? Yes, that is Penglipuran village. The Indonesian government also awarded this village a Kalpataru Award in recognition of their efforts to protect the local ecosystems' bamboo forests.

These awards would not have been possible without the efforts of Penglipuran village community, who understand the importance of protecting and preserving their traditions, folk wisdom, and the surrounding ecosystems.

“The development of Penglipuran can't be separated from the philosophical concept of Tri Hita Karana. The balance between humans and God, the relationship between humans and humans, and the relationship between humans and their environment” said I Wayan Budiarta.

Together with IDEP Foundation, we produced videos that overview two tourism villages, Penglipuran and Jasri village. Penglipuran Tourism Village is the first video that we publish. This video results from the Health Strengthening and Economic Recovery program in Penglipuran Tourism Village. This program is run by IDEP in collaboration with Save the Children Indonesia, with supported  from the Australian and Indonesian governments through SIAP SIAGA.