Niskala Studio is a creative agency based in Bali that focuses on branding through visual media such as films and videos, photos, and designs with holistic details. Our process will be a journey to discover your true self by considering various aspects including brand values and how to introduce those values to society and more importantly, the environment. We start our path with client’s purposes, then translate those intentions into meaningful storyboard as we believe our creativity and value will be thriving through this process. Thus we will be able to create and let the soul of the brand come alive.

Our goal is to create exclusive meaningful concepts just for you. We take our aim seriously as symbolised in our name. Niskala translates to “noetic, or abstract”, and it also means “the unseen world” in Balinese. Our designs and values will deliver beyond what naked eyes could see. We are committed to present our assets to give our clients the value they wish to have.

Consist of people from various backgrounds and interests, we build different perspectives of each projects equally. We craft each concept with boldness and attention to detail.