Conservation Event at World Surf League 2022


Alas Purwo National Park's various ecosystems provide a home to significant terrestrial and marine biodiversity. The waves of the national park attract surfers from around the world with the world-class waves G-land had. G-land hosted the World Surf League 2022. Inviting surfers from around the world to join to competition with such global attention comes challenges to preserve the diverse ecosystem group of stakeholders needs to work together to conserve the ecosystem.

Building on the momentum from the Word Surf League 2022, Alas Purwo National Park's Management is collaborating with Konservasi Indonesia as part of Surf Conservation Partnership through several events such as socializing the importance of mangrove forests for students, trip to monitor mangrove forests directly, discussion about mangrove ecosystem with locals, and waste training, we’ve tried to bring the sustainability of the biodiversity in the national park. And we, Niskala Studio, documented all the activities there!

May our seas and lands be sustainable for our future, let’s try to do it together!