THE BEAUTY OF JASRI | A Short Documentary Video

Are you someone who enjoys visiting villages to see their natural wonders and local wisdom and to gain new experiences? Jasri Traditional Village should be on your list!

Niskala Studio recently collaborated with IDEP Foundation to capture Ardine's journey, a traveler who visited Jasri Tourism Village.

Located in Karangasem regency, Bali, Jasri village has various unique tourism objects. For instance, Dalem Jasri beach with its great waves for surfing, watch or even get involved in the making process of "Jackfruit Dodol" with local craftsman, learn how to make traditional pottery with clay, visit and learn about the permaculture system at Mr. Kukuh’s House Yard; one of the Jasri communities, and many more.

“Jasri should be appreciated for its passion for maintaining tradition in developing it into a tourism village,” said Ardine.